User Forum

User Forum The HyperSizer Support Forum is the primary place to go to for answers. Most user questions have already been answered at the Support Forum. Register (its free!) because many of the most useful Forum features only become available to you when you do so. The four key areas are: The Main Menu, The Board Index, The Message Index, and The Topic. [more]

Tutorials & Videos

TutorialsView our tutorial videos. This documentation is meant to provide a fast visual approach for beginning to intermediate HyperSizer users. These short video tutorials will take the user through basic HyperSizer capabilities such as using a workspace to optimize a panel and importing a Finite Element Model. [more]

Technical Papers

Technical PapersAccess our extensive library of technical papers, presentations, and white papers. Get practical solutions and learn how to apply HyperSizer software to your problems in design, analysis, and optimization. An extensive list of published technical papers are available as downloadable PDFs. We also include a grouping of user papers and white papers. If you’d like to submit your own technical paper about HyperSizer, please contact us. [more]


BrochuresLearn about HyperSizer products by downloading brochures that cover each product in the HyperSizer family. See actual screenshots of the advanced graphical user interface, the Laminate Form, the Panel and Beam Concept Tabs, the Project Sizing Form, and many others. Read about how HyperSizer analyzes and optimizes structural components, as well as how it performs advanced optimization of ply drops, bonded and bolted joints, and provides weight reports and stress reports. [more]

Support Ticket

Support Ticket Post all new questions to the User Forum. Use the ticket system only for questions containing proprietary data or for reporting a software bug. The HyperSizer team is ready to support your project with trained applications engineers. In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we use a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number for tracking progress and responses online. [more]

Version History

Version History New version updates include a highlights list of new capabilities and software enhancements, and bug fixes. This section covers the major and minor improvements and keeps the history of each release. For example, Sample calculations were added to a previous release for all analysis methods in HyperSizer. In this capability, the equations for each method are shown and then sample values used in the analysis of your project are included. [more]


Training HyperSizer Training Classes are taught by experienced trainers in an informal setting, at either your training facility or ours. All training is hands-on and involves a great deal of interaction between the students and the trainers. Topics include Getting Started with HyperSizer® Material Manager, Basic, and Pro, Introduction to HyperSizer Graphics, Materials Database, Workspaces, and Projects; Analyzing Metallic and Composite Panels and Beams with a Free Body Diagram Approach. Advanced Optimization; Analytical Methods, Verification Examples and Interpreting Failure Analyses. Advanced topics classes are also available. [more]

Consulting Services

Consulting ServicesHyperSizer Consulting Services are tailored to each company’s project needs. Our engineers can work on-site at your facility or from our offices. Either scenario allows us to work in parallel with you, progressing your design to meet critical design goals. Our HyperSizer engineers have provided their knowledge and expertise on many technical teams at NASA and major aircraft and space launch companies, helping engineers and designers to achieve optimum designs. [more]