HyperSizer Published Paper

"The HyperSizing Method for Structures" (12 pages)

Presented at the NAFEMS World Congress '99, Newport, Rhode Island, April 25-28, 1999


Craig Collier, Phil Yarrington, and Mark Pickenheim


A practical structural optimization system specifically designed for effective engineering solutions is presented. The system, called HyperSizer™, is coupled with finite element analysis (FEA). The system is based primarily on accurate engineering analyses and secondarily on discrete optimization. Its underlying method is a departure from typical finite element design sensitivity and optimization that emphasize numeric optimizers, and model based user defined constraints on strength and stability failure analyses. HyperSizer's built-in detailed analysis capabilities, and its ease of use makes it suitable as a tool for performing automated structural analyses of any general structure. Indeed, this is the fundamental premise of the HyperSizing method. HyperSizer's ability to predict structural failure will be first presented, and then the benefits of coupling the closed form analytical capabilities with those provided with FEA. The example application is a space launch vehicle, which containing 7 assemblies, 21 optimization groups, and 203 structural components. It demonstrates how an engineer is able to provide ‘real-world’ expertise in the optimization process by interacting with HyperSizer for designs on the fly.