HyperSizer Published Paper

"Design Optimization Using HyperSizer" (12 pages)

Presented at the 1998 MSC Americas Users' Conference’, Universal City, CA, Oct 5-8, 1998


Craig Collier, Phil Yarrington, and Mark Pickenheim


This paper identifies an existing commercial solution that MSC/NASTRAN users can benefit from for automated stress analysis and sizing. The HyperSizer software is mathematically coupled with NASTRAN FEA to provide an integrated solution for quick and accurate design optimization. Though specifically developed for the aerospace industry, the approach and methods apply to any industry. A reusable launch vehicle referred to as the AP2 space plane, which contains 7 assemblies, 21 optimization groups, and 203 structural components is used as an example. NASTRAN is used as the loads model and the entire plane is optimized using HyperSizer’s analysis methods that range from closed form, traditional hand calculations repeated every day in industry, to more advanced panel buckling algorithms. Margin-of-safety reporting for every possible failure provides the engineer with a powerful insight into the structural problem. Run times on a Pentium PC workstation ranged from two to ten minutes for the entire vehicle. The engineer is able to provide ‘real-world’ expertise in the optimization process by interacting with HyperSizer for designs on the fly.