HyperSizer Published Paper

"An Integrated FEA and Design Optimization System for Composite Structures" (16 pages)

Presented at the 1996 MSC World Users' Conference, Newport Beach, CA, June 3-7, 1996


Craig Collier


An effective coupling of FEA with explicit sizing methods provides accurate and efficient means of optimizing diverse metallic and composite structures. HyperSizer, the software package that was developed based on this coupling methodology, is presented with examples of its use to meet the needs of general commercial products whose designs are highly cost driven. HyperSizer is shown in this paper to accurately and efficiently reduce the weight of an existing ISO shipping container sidewall panel from the original steel weight of 545 lb to the composite material weight of 105-200 lb. In addition to a lighter weight design, the design is less costly in the long term and will not corrode, as current steel containers do, particularly in marine environments. Structural components on the large (20'x8') panel are identified by optimization zones which represent convenient, manufacturable areas of stiffener tapers and fabric layups. MSC/NASTRAN buckling solution 105 is used to validate the stiffened panel shear buckling performed with explicit analyses of the sizing optimization software.


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