HyperSizer Published Paper

"Thermomechanical Finite Element Analysis of Stiffened, Unsymmetric Composite Panels With Two Dimensional Models" (18 pages)

Presented at the 1993 MSC World Users' Conference, Arlington, VA, May 24-28, 1993


Craig Collier and Kevin Spoth


Techniques presented in this paper provide the capability to model stiffened composite panels of any geometric cross sectional shape with a single plane of shell finite elements. Formulations are defined which enable the solution to any applied thermomechanical load combination. This capability comes from 1) defining explicit MSC/NASTRAN thermal coefficients of membrane, bending, and membrane-bending coupling for both in-plane and through-the-thickness temperature gradients, and 2) including temperature dependent, load dependent, non-linear material data in the constitutive, smeared equivalent plate representation of either laminates or stiffened panels.