HyperSizer Published Paper

"Higher-Order Theory - Structural/Micro Analysis Code (HOT-SMAC) Software for Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of FGMs" (8 pages)


Craig Collier, Phil Yarrington, Marek-Jerzy Pindera, Jacob Aboudi, Steven Arnold, Brett Bednarcyk


A new software package called Higher-Order Theory – Structural/Micro Analysis Code (HOT-SMAC), has been developed as an effective tool for design and analysis of functionally graded materials. The underlying analysis technology of the software is the well-established Higher-Order Theory for Functionally Graded Materials (HOTFGM), the accuracy and efficiency of which has been illustrated in the literature. The HOT-SMAC software is a self-contained package that includes pre- and post-processing through an intuitive graphical user interface, along with the HOTFGM thermo-mechanical analysis engine. Herein, the HOTFGM analysis approach and the features of the HOT-SMAC software are outlined. As an example application, the thermo-mechanical behavior of an internally-cooled, functionally graded silicon nitride plate with a thermal barrier coating is investigated.