HyperSizer Published Paper

"Analysis Methods used on the NASA Composite Crew Module (CCM)" (28 pages)


Craig Collier, Phil Yarrington, Mark Pickenheim, Brett Bednarcyk and Jim Jeans


The process in use by a national team from NASA research centers and industry partners for the analysis and design of a full scale composite crew module is presented. Methods, failure analyses, and design sizing approaches used by the team are identified. The HyperSizer® software coupled with FEA was used for trade studies of crew module shape configurations, material selections, sandwich panel dimensions, and composite layups and is being used for final analyses and stress report margins-of-safety. Different types of analyses were performed throughout the design maturity and their impacts to the evolving design discussed. These analyses include shell and backbone panel buckling, composite strength to damage tolerance criteria, laminate interlaminar shear, ply drop-offs, sandwich panel specific failures such as facesheet wrinkling, core shear, and core crushing, flat wise tension, core taper ramp downs, and adhesively bonded joints and bolted joints.