HyperSizer Published Paper

"A Novel Multiscale Physics Based Progressive Failure Methodology for Laminated Composite Structures" (22 pages)


Evan J. Pineda and Anthony M. Waas, Brett Bednarcyk, Craig Collier and Phillip Yarrington


A variable fidelity, multiscale, physics based finite element procedure for predicting progressive damage and failure of laminated continuous fiber reinforced composites is introduced. At every integration point in a finite element model, progressive damage is accounted for at the lamina-level using thermodynamically based Schapery Theory. Separate failure criteria are applied at either the global-scale or the micro-scale in two different FEM models. A micromechanics model, the Generalized Method of Cells, is used to evaluate failure criteria at the micro-level. The stress-strain behavior and observed failure mechanisms are compared with experimental results for both models.