HyperSizer Published Paper

"Preliminary Structural Sizing and Alternative Material Trade Study for CEV Crew Module" (x pages)


Brett Bednarcyk, Steve Arnold, Craig Collier, and Phil Yarrington


This paper presents the results of a preliminary structural sizing and alternate material trade study for NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Crew Module (CM). This critical CEV component will house the astronauts during ascent, docking with the International Space Station, reentry, and landing. The alternate material design study considers three materials beyond the standard metallic (aluminum alloy) design that resulted from an earlier NASA Smart Buyer Team analysis. These materials are graphite/epoxy composite laminates, discontinuously reinforced SiC/Al (DRA) composites, and a novel integrated panel material/concept known as WebCore. Using the HyperSizer structural sizing software and NASTRAN finite element analysis code, a comparison is made among these materials for the three composite CM concepts considered by the 2006 NASA Engineering and Safety Center Composite Crew Module project.