HyperSizer Published Paper

"A Critical Evaluation of the Predictive Capabilities of Various Advanced Micromechanics Models" (17 pages)


Wenbin Yu, Todd Williams, Brett Bednarcyk, Jacob Aboudi, and Tian Tang


The focus of this work is to critically evaluate the predictive capabilities of several advanced micromechanics models, including GMC, HFGMC, ECM, and VAMUCH. The comparison concentrates primarily on predictions for the effective elastic properties and local stress fields based on micromechanics approaches for various types of composite systems. Both exact analytical solutions and finite element simulations will be utilized in the comparison to assess the accuracy of the different models. It is found that for some microstructures, most of the compared models provide similar and reliable predictions for effective properties. For an accurate prediction for local stress distributions, HFGMC and VAMUCH significantly outperform GMC, which provides only average local fields. A very challenging X shape microstructure is also proposed in this paper which pushes all the micromechanics models to their limits. This case clearly discloses the fallacy about micromechanics that every model "works" as far as effective properties oncerned. Such an assessment can help engineers choose the appropriate micromechanics model for composites they are dealing with in their applications.