HyperSizer Customer Paper

"Post-Buckling Test Response And Analysis Of Fiber Composite Grid-Stiffened Structures" (11 pages)


Higgins, John E., Wegner, Peter M., VanWest, Barry P., Viisoreanu, Adrian


A composite grid-stiffened cylindrically curved panel was fabricated and tested in static compression. Joint tension test coupons were fabricated from an unused portion of the panel construction and tested to failure in direct tension (rib/skin pull-off). Pre- and posttest analyses were performed to assess initial and overall buckling response. Comparisons to test data were made to assess: a) the influence of skin pocket buckling on overall structure response, b) the predictability of overall structure response through the range of operational load application, and c) probable causes of failure in this test panel and in future tests with rib and skin configuration optimized for specific spacecraft fairing applications.