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HyperSizer Pro includes all the functionality of HyperSizer Basic and Material Manager plus the ability to couple the analysis to a finite element model. Abaqus, Ansys, and Nastran solvers are supported.

When the finite element model is imported, groups of elements with the same property ID are considered a structural component. Panel and beam concepts are defined in the same manner as HyperSizer Basic. During analysis, the element forces of each component are post-processed to compute the design-to loads. With the design-to loads known, the analysis (and optimization) proceeds in the same manner as HyperSizer Basic. After the analysis is complete, a new set of finite element property data is generated in ASCII format. This data is used to update the finite element model in order to update the FEA-computed load paths. This iterative process of sizing in HyperSizer and solving the finite element model is automated using HyperFEA.


  • Couple HyperSizer analysis and optimization to FEA using Nastran and Abaqus solvers
  • Import finite element models that are smeared or discretely meshed
  • Extract loads from the FEA solver and analyze and optimize structural components
  • Perform BJSFM analysis using bolted joint loads from CBUSH elements
  • View element forces, margins of safety, ply percentages, and more directly on the finite element model
  • Minimize the number of ply drops across fabrication boundaries while enforcing manufacturing constraints
  • Update the FEM input file with optimized element properties for sandwich panels, stiffened panels, and beams
  • Iterate the load paths to convergence with HyperFEA
  • Export laminate design to CATIA and FiberSIM
  • Execute HyperSizer externally using the COM programming interface


  • Specialized composite optimization for strength and manufacturability
  • Robust and efficient CAE software for automation and data exchange
  • Perform vehicle final design for hundreds of load cases
  • Optimize the entire structure without remeshing
  • Reduce over 20% of your structure's weight
  • Document the complete vehicle analysis including margins of safety for all load cases

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