HyperSizer Material Manager™

HyperSizer Material Manager™ is a database for storing and managing temperature-dependent properties for engineering materials – ply tape/fabric, metal, honeycomb core, and foam. The materials database is the foundation of HyperSizer Basic and Pro.

The Material Manager also includes graphical laminate analysis tools. You can build composite laminates with any arbitrary stacking of material forms or types. Calculate [A,B,D] stiffness terms and equivalent orthotropic properties. Analyze laminates using classical lamination theory and ply-based failure theories. Graph temperature dependencies, failure envelopes, and stress-strain profiles interactively. Choose from many popular composite failure theories such as Tsai-Wu. Perform highly interactive “what-if” design changes and see their effects in real time.


  • Store material properties and allowables in a single database - ply tape/fabric, metal, honeycomb, and foam core
  • Define ply material correction factors in terms of thickness, ply percentages, damage CAI, BVID, OHC, and more
  • Create hybrid tape/fabric laminates
  • Apply loads and temperature gradients
  • Plot ply-by-ply stresses, strains, and margins of safety as well as failure envelopes
  • Access over 170 preloaded materials taken from publicly available sources such as MIL-HDBK-17 and MMPDS
  • Convert or merge existing material libraries to HyperSizer using the open database schema (Microsoft Access®)


  • Store all material properties, allowables, and correction factors in a single database
  • Enforce consistent usage of material properties by creating a template database with read-only material properties

Upgrade for more features

  • Basic: All the functionality of Material Manager, plus panel and beam analyses and optimization
  • Pro: All the functionality of HyperSizer Basic, plus the ability to couple the analysis to a finite element model

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Material Manager BrochureMaterial Manager Brochure
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