HyperSizer Licensing

Collier Research offers many License Options to fit customers' needs. For each purchase, a customer must select a Software Package, a License Term, and a License Type. Please review the options below and contact us with any questions you may have.

License Terms

  • Fully Paid-Up - (Permanent/Perpetual) Does not expire, but there is a yearly Maintenance, Support, and Updates (MSU) fee
  • Annual - (Leased/Subscription) Expires after one year. MSU is included. For any period longer than two years, it is more cost effective to purchase Fully Paid-Up licenses

License Types

  • Node-Locked - (Single-Computer/Individual) Can only be used on one designated computer
  • Server - (Floating/Site/Network) Can be accessed from a network and used by any one computer at a time at one customer location
  • Enterprise Server - (Corporate Server) Can be used on any and all computers and networks of a company within the same country (multiple customer sites/office locations)

MSU (Maintenance, Service, Updates) Fee

With a fully paid-up license, MSU is required the first year when the license is purchased, with the option to renew annually. MSU is 20% of the license price.

  • Maintenance: Entitles end user to normal maintenance which will consist of providing, until a new version of the Software is released, any updates (e.g., ".1" or ".2" of the version you licensed) of the Software designed to correct bugs or provide enhancements to the existing Software.
  • Support: Entitles the end user to normal support, which consists of answering by e-mail, user forum, or phone, technical questions regarding use of the Software.
    • Technical support does not include training, consulting, on-site services, or the provision of engineering judgment for a customer-specific simulation.
  • Updates: Entitles end user to updated versions of the Software that become available. Collier Research is actively improving and adding to the HyperSizer code base. Updates are released regularly and are free to all customers that are current on MSU.

Volume Discounts

Discounts may be available when purchasing more than one license. Contact us for details.