What is HyperSizer?

What is HyperSizer?HyperSizer® is design, analysis, and optimization software for composite and metallic structures; it is used throughout the design process, from preliminary design through final certification. Originally developed at NASA and successfully deployed throughout the aerospace, UAV, and wind energy industries, the software produces practical, manufacturable designs with composite laminates while consistently reducing weight by 20 percent. For 20 years, industry users have trusted HyperSizer for analysis accuracy founded on extensive test data correlation. [more]


Pro HyperSizer Pro has all the functionality of HyperSizer Basic, plus coupling with FEA for system level analysis and automatic finite element model resizing. Maintain and report results of a complete vehicle detail design. Perform advanced statistical optimization and find multiple robust optimum solutions for manufacturing producibility review. Plug-in your own analysis software to supplement HyperSizer's methods and have their results integrated with and graphically displayed in the interface. [more]


Basic HyperSizer Basic provides all the functionality of HyperSizer Material Manager, plus stress analysis and detailed design sizing optimization of all material types for 50 different stiffened and sandwich panels and open cross section beams. Apply general edge loadings and/or boundary conditions through the Free Body Diagram GUI, and solve for the resulting stresses and structural integrity using over 100 different built-in failure analyses. Engineers learn within seconds the strengths and weaknesses of their structural designs from the software's interactive reporting of margins of safety. [more]

Material Manager

Material Manager HyperSizer Material Manager provides interactive graphics for managing metals, foams, honeycomb cores, ply tapes and fabrics. You can build composite laminates with any arbitrary stacking of materials. Use native Windows cut, paste, and copy functions for quick ply insertions and layup arrangements. Calculate [A,B,D] stiffness and thermal terms and equivalent orthotropic properties. Graph temperature dependencies, failure envelopes, and stress/strain profiles interactively. Choose from many popular composite failure theories such as Tsai-Wu. Perform highly interactive "what-if" design changes and see their effects in real time. [more]

Product Comparison

Comparison ChartHyperSizer product comparisons are listed, showing the vast range of solutions provided by the family of HyperSizer products, organized by capability, category and product name. Everything from tools that manage metals, foams, honeycomb cores, ply tapes and fabrics, graphical plots of ply-by-ply stresses and strains, to test data correlation and complete composite design methodology tools. [more]