HyperSizer Basic™

HyperSizer Basic includes all the functionality of Material Manager, plus the ability to analyze and optimize sandwich panels, stiffened panels, beams, bolted joints, and more. Couple the analysis to a finite element model using HyperSizer Pro.

Analysis is performed by defining a structural component. Apply general edge loadings and/or boundary conditions and solve for the structural integrity using over 100 different failure analyses such as crippling, wrinkling, panel buckling, postbuckling, BJSFM, and more. Analyses that used to require custom spreadsheets are performed in seconds for all load cases. Engineers learn the strengths and weaknesses of their structural designs from the software's interactive reporting of margins of safety. Interactive graphics provide visual inspection of the structural concepts with cross sections drawn to scale.

Optimization is performed by defining a range of candidate configurations – cross-section dimensions, laminate stacking sequences, etc. When the component is analyzed, the lightest candidate that passes all failure checks for all load cases is returned. The optimization capability allows engineers to perform valuable trade studies without the use of finite element models. All cross-sectional design variables, layups, and materials are simultaneously optimized to avoid all failure modes to all load cases.


  • Select from over 50 panel and beam concepts
  • Apply edge loadings, pressure, and thermal loads using the Free Body Diagram interface
  • Perform hundreds of failure analyses using industry-standard methods
  • Optimize beam and panel concepts considering all failure modes
  • Generate margins of safety for limit and ultimate loads
  • Document results with Microsoft Word stress reports for FAA certification
  • Correlate analysis methods to test data by defining failure load


  • Specialized composite analyses for strength and stability
  • Standardize methods and material allowables
  • Reduce structural weight by optimizing at all stages in the design process
  • Decrease reliance on custom spreadsheets

Upgrade for more features

  • Pro: All the functionality of HyperSizer Basic plus the ability to couple the analysis to a finite element model
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