Wind Energy

HyperSizer software automates the analysis methods and design practices for the wind turbine blade industry for increased safety, life, performance, and reduced reoccuring and non-reoccuring cost. To increase the power generating capability of a wind turbine, the blades must grow in length. As they grow, HyperSizer keeps the blade design as light and manufacturable as possible.

Wind Energy Solutions:

    Optimize Blades & Nacelles

  • Blade skin and spar cap load sharing
  • Composite nacelles and metal towers
  • Balsa core and engineered core sandwich
  • Explore new panel concept constructions
  • Compute optimum laminate thicknesses and ply orientation stacking
  • Optimum hybrid glass/carbon laminates
  • Less laminate transitions and ply drops
  • Define complete part laminate sequencing
  • Reduce structural weight by 20%

  • Automate Processes

  • Blade layout and concept trades
  • Integrated test data database
  • Integrated materials database
  • Automatic iteration with FEA
  • HyperFEA® for FEA load path convergence
  • Laminate spec data exachange between analysis and design CAD software
  • Global ply tracking of drawing part numbers
  • Safety factor reporting

    Improve Reliability and Life

  • Environmental effects (temperature, moisture)
  • Prevent all potential failures
  • Damage tolerant strength
  • Fatigue strain and tip deflection limits
  • Interlaminar shear stresses
  • Facesheet and core failures
  • Bonded composite joint
  • Advanced panel buckling analysis
  • Compression and shear IDT postbuckling

  • Lower Fabrication & Engineering Cost

  • Faster analysis and design turnaround
  • Explore more design options
  • Eliminate manual calculations, offline spreadsheets, and model remeshing
  • Standardize analysis process
  • Reduce fabrication process steps
  • Reduce part turn around time in tool
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