Space Launch

The space launch industry is designing more efficient and affordable structures for cargo and crew transport vehicles and communication satellite launchers. HyperSizer provides CAE design and standard analysis methods specific for solving the challenges of ring frame stiffened cylindrical rocket vehicles, both composite and metallic, while meeting NASA design criteria. HyperSizer space launch projects include the NASA heavy-lift SLS vehicle and Commercial Crew and Launch. Recent projects include the NASA Ares I and V shrouds, intertanks, interstages, and the NASA astronaut Composite Crew Module (CCM).

Space Launch Affordability and Weight Reduction:

    Optimize Space Structures

  • Cylindrical launch vehicles/rockets
  • Intertanks, interstages, fairings, thrust stuctures/cones, fuel tanks
  • Pressure shells and vessels, satellites
  • Booster/orbiter configurations
  • Stiffened panels with ring frames
  • Honeycomb and core sandwich panels
  • Integrated TPS-Structural sizing
  • Bolted and bonded attachment joints
  • Reduce structural weight by 35%

  • Automate Processes

  • Complete thermomechanical solution
  • Total Structure-TPS vehicle weight reduction
  • NASA and industry collaboration with shared databases/projects
  • Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys FEM data import and export
  • FEA eigenvalue solver integration
  • Software customization and integration with other tools
  • Data exchange with Excel and CAD

    Predict all Failure Modes

  • Composite and metallic strength
  • Ply- and laminate-based strength methods
  • Cylindrical panel buckling
  • Cylindrical panel buckling knockdown calculations based on NASA SP8007
  • Stiffener crippling
  • Bolt bearing and BJSFM
  • Interlaminar shear and flatwise tension

  • Design for Affordability

  • Reduce fabrication process steps
  • Explore design options for large structure assembly
  • Quantify impact of construction joints
  • Determine weight trades for autoclave vs. out of autoclave (OOA)
  • Faster analysis and design turnaround
  • Standardize analysis process across partners
  • Reduce testing for space flight hardware
NASA Orion Heat Shield Structural Design
NASA Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE)
NASA Composite Crew Module (CCM)
NASA Ares V Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle - Payload Shroud
NASA Ares V Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle - Core Interstage
NASA Ares I HyperSizer Al-Li Orthogrid Hydrogen Tank Verification and Test Validation

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