HyperSizer is used in the shipbuilding industry for structural analysis and optimization of seaworthy marine vessels to achieve competitive weights while meeting construction standards. HyperSizer is a complete engineering tool that incorporates advanced structural analysis methods for marine vehicles constructed from steel including welded stiffened panels to composite material sandwich panels and solid laminates.

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Shipbuilding Solutions:

    Increase Performance

  • Large commercial and naval vessels
  • Ship hulls, floors, scantlings, bulkheads
  • Metallic or composite material systems
  • Meet weight targets
  • Meet frequency requirements
  • Optimize concurrently all stiffened structure dimensions and materials and evaluate different architectural layouts for strength, buckling, natural frequency, and deformation limits

  • Automate Processes

  • Structural sizing to meet specifications
  • Strength and stability calculations
  • Automatic coupling to FEA such as NASTRAN, Ansys and Abaqus
  • Highly accurate analysis with smeared and discretely meshed models
  • Update design CAD drawings

    Predict Failure Load

  • Skin buckling and panel buckling
  • Crippling of stiffened cross section
  • Compression and shear postbuckling
  • Ply and laminate-based strength prediction
  • Bolted composite joints
  • Environmental and thermal effects

  • Lower Engineering Cost

  • Perform rapid conceptual trade studies
  • Perform preliminary design optimization and final analysis with less engineering time
  • Standardize analysis process
Ship Door Sizing Optimization Study
Ship Deckhouse Sizing Optimization Study
Cargo Container Design Optimization Project

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