Applications: Ship Deckhouse Sizing Optimization

HyperSizer Ship Deckhouse Optimization

HyperSizer, along with your chosen FEA solver, can optimize to both local panel and total deckhouse sway frequency criteria. The lowest frequency of any mode shape of the example ship deckhouse is close to the criteria of 18 Hz. HyperSizer can also optimize to panel midspan deflection criteria. HyperSizer will include all composite material strength and panel buckling analyses, as well as honeycomb specific analyses in the optimization process

HyperSizer demonstrates the ability to simultaneously optimize to achieve required minimum frequency (18Hz) for local panel bending modes and overall sway modes of the deckhouse

HyperSizer prevents all strength and stability failure modes, such as:

HyperSizer can update the FEM very quickly with very minimal effort on the user's part.

Optimizing to a Panel Frequency

Optimizing to Structural Frequency

Concurrently optimize every panel in the deckhouse to a required minimum frequency = 18 Hz

FEA verification, 1st Mode, 18Hz

Optimize the overall frequency of the structural sway modes of the deckhouse

FEA verification, 1st Mode, 18.2Hz

This longitudinal sway mode is sized to be greater than the required 18Hz by specifying required membrane stiffness in HyperSizer.  Primarily this is accomplished with the A33 in plane shear stiffness for the two long walls

Optimizing the Design results in Substantial Weight Savings