High Speed Rail

The commercial high speed rail industry requires fast, efficient, and safe vehicles for transporting passengers. HyperSizer provides industry standard methods to resolve design issues including strength, damage tolerance, stability, and structural frequency characteristics to reduce structural weight and increase passenger safety. HyperSizer is a complete engineering tool for designers and stress analysts allowing them to minimize costs, reduce risk, and improve performance.

High Speed Rail Solutions:

    Increase Performance

  • Reduce structural weight
  • Metallic or composite material systems
  • Hybrid glass/carbon layups
  • Deformation, natural frequency limits
  • Increase repairability

  • Automate Processes

  • Strength, stability, and frequency calculations
  • Automatic coupling to FEA
  • Handles very large FEMs

    Predict Failure Load

  • Damaged material strength
  • Buckling modes
  • Fatigue
  • Bolt bearing and BJSFM

  • Lower Cost

  • Reduce fabrication and repair costs
  • Standardize analysis process
  • Perform rapid conceptual trade studies
High Speed Rail

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